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Technological Advancements in School Bus Transportation System

Nowadays, school buses are more than just a mode to take the students to and from the school. The idea of ensuring security of students while they are on the way and keeping the parents informed about the same is gaining grounds. As a result, school authorities have been putting in their effort to back their school transportation system with best of technology, which further offer advantages to both school and parents.

Tracking school buses with a Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of the reliable modes to keep up with security of students after school premise. It enable the transportation authorities to track buses in real time, add geofencing to the bus vehicle, record navigation history and virtually monitor the fleet through a single window. Here is how a GPS-enabled school bus tracking system is improving the school transportation system and its efficacy.

Reduce Wait Time on Bus Stop: With parents being able to monitor real time location of the school bus, they can ensure that students reach the bus stop on time, never miss the bus, and also don’t need to wait for the bus for long.

Act on Time in Emergency: When school authorities are informed about uncertain events (like mechanical issues with the bus) on the way, it is possible to take necessary steps to act and work around.

Keep a Tab on Drivers: The first and last representative of school that a student comes across is the driver. Since they are responsible for making the trips convenient for students, tracking their way to drive and handle various scenarios matter. With school bus tracking system being able to collect data like speed of the vehicle, unscheduled stoppages etc., the drivers’ way of handling the trips can be monitored.

Manage Routes or Diversions: Real time tracking of buses allow transportation authorities to ensure that school trips happen within defined routes and that they are informed about any diversions on the way, along with a valid reason from the driver.

Is your School Transportation System backed with Technology? 

With advances that technology brings along, supporting the school transportation system with solutions like GPS trackers ascertain that school trips are always planned and timely tracked. If you haven’t backed your transportation system with security aid provided by technology, then it’s the time to take a demo of our real time school bus monitoring system, Yellow.Live.

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