Live School Bus Tracking: The Most Followed School Transportation Trend

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Live School Bus Tracking: The Most Followed School Transportation Trend

Keeping 360 degree security in focus, school authorities have been paying attention to safety of students, inside and outside the school premises. Therefore, transportation management is in-focus of keep a track of students when they commute to-and-fro from the school.

Benefits of information technology is no more limited to e-learning. Nowadays schools are utilizing the best of IT in making transportation system more efficient and secure. One of the most followed use cases is live tracking of school buses through GPS or RFID trackers.

Tracking school bus has number of benefits in terms of security, management, and efficiency optimization. Here is how a live school bus tracking system can offer a level playing field to parents and school authorities.

Track School Buses, Live

With a GPS-enabled system to track school buses in real-time, there is an opportunity to know the whereabouts of students and the buses. Such an approach helps in ensuring safety of students outside of the school premises.

Keep the Parents Informed

Ensuring parents about safety of students is one of the major concerns of school authorities. Having a system that can keep the parents informed about whereabouts of students can assure them about their safety, while they commute to and fro, on daily basis.

Maintain Transport Efficiency

Live bus tracking system enable school authorities maintain a record of the transportation system, including parameters like routes followed, ignition on-off info, breakdown details. Such information not only makes the transportation system efficient but also enable school authorities to act in emergency scenario.

Planning to make School Transportation System Secure?

Live school bus tracking is a trend and if your school authorities are planning to follow it, a solution like Yellow.Live is what you need.

If you haven’t backed your transportation system with security aid provided by technology, the it’s the high time to go for it. To get started, schedule a demo of Yellow.Live, one of the leading real time bus monitoring system.

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