School Transportation Trends you need to Watch out in 2018

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School Transportation Trends you need to Watch out in 2018

Use of Information and technology in the education delivery system has significantly increased in the past few years, however the school transportation department has nearly been overlooked by the school authorities as well as IT companies. However, a few first generation entrepreneurs foresee a tremendous opportunity in this less considered department, and eventually, have created innovative products to simplify the management of this wing. Some of the trends in the school transportation department that will catch everyone’s eye in the upcoming year are:

1.School Bus Tracking

Keeping a track on school buses, during their movement, has gained a lot of traction in the previous year. A lot of tier 1 and tier 2 schools have implemented a school bus tracking software in the last fiscal. It helps transport admins to manage the fleet of buses effectively, tackle emergency situations on time, create weekly reports of bus movement for the management and a lot more.

2. Route Optimization

Manually planning school bus routes, bus stops and then assigning students to their respective bus stops have been a talk of the past. Using a route management system, you can automatically create optimized routes, figure out the most appropriate bus stops and match students to those bus stops based on their addresses.

3. School Bus Attendance

Due to busy work hours and tight schedules, a lot of parents remain worried when their kids travel to school or back. Schools these days are implementing software that provide instant notifications to parents when their wards board or deboard from the school vehicle. This also helps school management to provide a safe and secure transit to the students and parents.

4. Bus Movement Pattern

It has been frequently observed that school bus drivers do not adhere to the allowed speed limits, disobey traffic signals and ignore designated bus routes, thereby putting students’ safety at risk. A bus tracking system allows school admin to track the bus movement and keep a check over the driver’s driving patterns.

5. Tracking app for parents

Every morning and afternoon, parents have to struggle to reach at the bus stop in due course and restlessly wait for the school bus to arrive. The conditions get worse when faced with unfavorable weather conditions. Hence, schools are providing parents with a bus tracking app that enables them to track their kid’s school bus in real time, and reach bus stops just-in-time.

Yellow.Live is an real time school transport management application that provides you realtime tracking of your entire fleet on your mobile. It also provides a parent application that enables parents to view their kid’s school bus in real time.

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