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How to Monitor and Improve School Transportation System

School authorities spare no effort to ascertain security of students and their transportation system. However, making investment in the fleet system, drivers, training, and technology won’t give the expected results, unless an audit of the entire system is done from time to time to analyze the loopholes and make improvements.

Keeping a tab on fuel usage, number of trips per week/month, the route followed, driver’s behaviour with the students and vehicles are the metrics that can help to calculate the efficiency of school transportation system.

Given that timely evaluation of the school bus system unveils a number of facts about its competency, you must be interested to review the system and its processes for a clear picture of the output to the input. Here are a few ways in which school transportation authorities can track multiple bus fleets and record their status for efficiency measurements.

GPS enabled tracking of school fleets

To get started, make sure that the school buses are powered with a GPS tracking system that records the movement of bus in real time. This gives a view of bus location, its movement, speed etc. so that expected time of arrival can be predicted beforehand by the school and parents.

Route or speed violation reports

If the driver is following the predefined routes for pickup/drop services, if the speed of the vehicle is alright, if there are unnecessary halts on the way, if there are any speed violations atc. are some of the questions that can be answered with a GPS tracking system. Such metrics when audited informs school authorities about how responsible drivers are when they take them from school to home and the other way around.

Track the need to act in emergency

Uncertain events are likely to happen. To prepare beforehand to act in emergency scenarios like breakdown or speed violation, it is important to keep a note of scenarios that sometimes caused halts in the route.

Download Analytical history of school fleets

Having an analytical report of processes and their status for weekly or monthly auditing is the key to ensure an efficient transportation system in school. Real time monitoring apps like allows to track regular school bus activity that can lay down the basis for analysis.

The application downloads analytical report for vehicle movement, speed violation, unscheduled stoppage, kms travelled, stoppage time and other crucial metrics that helps in auditing the transportation system for a month.

To understand how Yellow.Live, a SAAS based remote bus tracking model works and add value to the bus security and efficiency, book a demo for this robust school bus tracking software.

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