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How to Make School Trips Secure and Coordinated

School trips are a pertinent part of the education system, giving students an opportunity to take a break from normal routine and expand their horizons of learning.

School authorities ascertain that they maintain a rigid system of security around the students on reaching the trip destination. However, it is equally important to keep the group of students and their buses safe and coordinated on the way. For this, a real-time bus tracking system can come into use. Let me explain to you, how.


  • View Bus Location in Real-Time


The bus tracking system enables viewing the exact location of the school bus in real-time. This feature of the app is utilized by school management and parents, giving both ends a sense of security for the students.


  • Track all Buses under One Window


Usually, there are multiple school buses involved in a trip. A bus tracking system with a single view dashboard gives you a window to check the location and status of all the buses. This helps to maintain coordination between all the buses on way and makes sure that none of them diverts from the defined route.


  • Monitor Buses from Multiple School Branches


Setting coordination between buses from different school branches is difficult indeed. A bus tracking system facilitates viewing the bus status from multiple branches. This helps to track the buses and maintain coordination between all of them.


  • Act on time in Emergency Scenarios


In situations like breakdown, unscheduled stoppage, speed violation, etc. the school transport management can get notified about the same. This makes them capable of questioning the driver or take quick actions in emergency scenarios.

A Comprehensive Solution to Manage School Transport System

Whether it’s a daily routine or a trip for students, their security while traveling is an utmost concern for both school authorities and parents. Yellow.Live is a complete solution that keeps both the ends informed about whereabouts and the status of the school bus. To explore how Yellow.Live can make your school transport safe, efficient, and coordinated, schedule a demo in person and acknowledge your specific requirements.

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