How Schools can Assure Parents about Child’s Security during Admissions

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How Schools can Assure Parents about Child’s Security during Admissions

Violence cases against school going children are escalating, so much so that parents express their concern about security during admissions. Consequently, school authorities have to prepare themselves with the facts and facilities that can convince parents about safety of their child, throughout school timings.

While school authorities take all necessary measures to ensure that the child is safe within premises, it takes an extra effort to explain- how they take care of the child when they travel to and from the school.

When it comes to convincing, there is need to put forth a model that is transparent, i.e. both parents and school can be a part of it. Considering the requirements and situations, one of the most reliable and acceptable model is to have a school bus tracking system in the school.

A school bus tracking system is generally an app (preferably, on mobile/tablet) that enable parents and school authorities to look at and record activities of a bus while it takes a child to and from home. Beneficial for both the end, here is how a bus tracking system can assure parents about safety of their child.

1. Real Time Tracking of Bus

How about parents being able to track the bus, by the time the child boards to/from the school. Bus tracking systems give access to real-time geo-location of the bus so that parents can assure about whereabouts of child.

2. Stay Updated through Alerts

For every unusual behaviour (delays, diversion from usual route etc.), an alert is passed to parents and school so that a necessary action is taken. This also ensures that emergency situations (if any) are managed on time.

3. Communicate Directly with School

Apps for school bus tracking facilitates parents to stay in touch with school authorities through push notifications. For impromptu leave scenarios, holidays, or special occasions, schools can inform parents in advance.

Don’t have a Bus Tracking System in School Yet? Get it NOW

A bus tracking system is not just a necessity to convince parents about safety of their child while commuting, but a mandate by CBSE (according to circular passed on 23rd Feb 2017). An efficient and affordable bus tracking system for school that works perfect on both the ends comes to you through Yellow.Live.

Yellow.Live is a SAAS based, school bus tracking system, which comprises of individual apps for parents and school authorities. To have a practical experience with the apps, acknowledge its features and functionalities, book a free demo for your school.

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