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5 Things to Consider While Choosing Bus Tracking System

With a view to strengthen and extend security for school transport, CBSE have mandated a Global Positioning System (GPS) in school buses. This is to ensure that real-time location of school buses are tracked and both parents & school are informed about it.

A number of companies have made this a selling point and are marketing their bus-trackers to be GPS enabled. So, before you finalize a bus tracking system for your school, it is important to keep these points into consideration.

1. Real-Time Bus Tracking Facility

Real-time bus trackers monitor location of the school bus on Google maps on their mobiles. These systems are backed with high end GPS technology that continuously monitor the vehicle movement. Due to their ability to track vehicle movement in real-time, they reduce the reaction-time to emergency scenarios like breakdown, route-changes, unscheduled stoppage, speed violation etc.

2. Custom Report for Vehicle Movement

The ability to track vehicle movements like stoppage, stoppage time, speed violation, unscheduled stoppage etc. is important. Also, make sure that you can save this record for any compliance or investigation in future.

3. Single Window to Monitor Multiple Trips

For multiple trips management, there should be a single window for monitoring. This aids the transport admin to view the current location and status of (almost) all school buses. Because unusual behaviours can be easily noticed, the reaction time can be significantly reduced.

4. Notifications for Emergency Scenarios

In case of emergency scenarios (like breakdown, ignition on-off), schools should be notified to take necessary actions. The bus tracking system should have option for drivers to make updates that ultimately notify schools to take relevant actions.

5. 24/7 Technical Assistance for Customers

No matter how advanced a solution is, technical issues or inquiries may arise. Before you invest in a school tracking application, verify that they offer 24/7 customer support for resolution.

For a Robust Real-Time Monitoring Solution, Look No Further!

Yellow.Live is a SAAS based, school bus tracking system, which comprises of individual mobile apps for parents and school authorities. To have a practical experience with the app, acknowledge its features and functionalities, book a free demo for your school.

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