4 Ways to Increase Efficiency and Security of your Transport Department

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4 Ways to Increase Efficiency and Security of your Transport Department

Every day, around 4,50,000 school buses transport 24 million children to schools across India.  With school buses being the most trusted mode for children to commute to school, their security and systematic functioning matters.

In this blog post, we share 4 tech-supported ideas that can help you to augment security and efficiency of your school transportation system.

1. Real Time Bus Monitoring: As the name suggests, this involves tracking a school bus in real-time, on mobile or tablet. The movement of the vehicle is clearly evident on the mobile screen, which helps to capture unusual events (breakdown, diversion from scheduled route, speed violation) and respond to them on time.

Powered by real-time trackers, these systems enable transport authorities to trace the movement of the vehicle and act on time in emergency scenarios.

2. Geo-fencing of School Bus: Every bus in the school transportation system follows a predefined route. For any reason (to escape traffic jam), if the driver diverts from the defined route, the transit authority should receive a notification about it.

With geofencing technology of vehicle, admin can stay updated about the route followed by every bus in the transit system. Also, they are informed through automatic notification, in case there is a deviation from the scheduled route. This ascertains that the driver is following the route standards, predefined by school authorities.

3. Fleet Usage Reports: How the driver drives the school bus has an important role in ensuring the security of children while commuting. Having a report for vehicle speed, stoppages, kilometers traveled, etc. not only gives a picture of how the driver handles the bus during transit but also makes sure that there is no unauthorized usage of school buses behind the scenes.

4. Dashboard to Review Active Trips: To simplify the management of school buses at peak hours, reviewing all active trips on a single dashboard can help a lot. This will allow tracking all school buses on different routes and trace their movement and activity, concurrently.

Having a system to track all buses, their location, their movement status at the same time, in a single dashboard ensures that there is no delay in required response when a bus at a different location is being reviewed.

An All-in-One Solution for an Effective Transport System

For all these technology-backed solutions to make the school transport department secure and systematic, Yellow.Live is a solution you can put your trust in. It’s a real-time bus tracking application that helps school authorities to track the movement of multiple vehicles, in a single dashboard.

To explore how Yellow.Live can make your school transport more efficient and safe, schedule a demo in-person and acknowledge your specific requirements.

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