4 Ways GPS-Enabled Tracking can Secure School Transport System

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4 Ways GPS-Enabled Tracking can Secure School Transport System

Tracking school buses with a Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of the reliable modes to keep up with security of students after school premises. The real-time navigation data received from GPS devices helps to keep a tab on school buses, while students commute to and fro between school and home.

Counting on the benefits that GPS-enabled transport can offer, CBSE has mandated installation of GPS devices in school buses. Here are a few benefits that school transport authorities receive, if the buses are tracked with GPS.

1. Track bus location in real-time: School buses with GPS devices can be tracked in real-time, i.e. you can track and time stamp movement of the bus. This keeps school authorities and parents informed about current location of the bus.

2. Geofencing of buses: GPS helps to geofence school buses, which ensures that the buses do no deviate from its predefined route. Or even if it does, an alert is passed to the concerned authorities to take an action.

3. Track status of bus movement: By maintaining a track of how the bus moves, it is possible to analyze how drivers handle the trips. Speed violation, unscheduled/long stoppage, route followed etc. are some of the metrics that can be tracked for a GPS-enabled school bus.

4. Record navigation history: GPS devices can store recorded location data or transmits it to a centralized database or a software application. This way, the data is saved for future audits or reference.

To make the GPS tracking system more powerful, there are applications that translate the data collected from GPS devices into easy to access formats. For example: Displaying real-time location of school bus on a map (in mobile app).

Yellow.Live is a school bus tracking app that coordinates with GPS devices to display real-time location of multiple school buses in mobile devices. The app brings the benefits of GPS tracking on mobile app, ensuring that school authorities have to reliable window to locate buses and act in emergency scenarios.

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