3 Measures to Improve Security of your School Transportation System

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3 Measures to Improve Security of your School Transportation System

The concern of transportation authorities is not just limited to students reaching home back. But, they make sure that students commute to and from home, safely.To ascertain this, it is necessary that a course of action is prepared that safeguards the transportation system at every level. If you’re planning to manage the school buses against security issues on the way, then these tips will surely help you out.

1. Raise staff awareness on security: For school transportation system to process seamlessly, it is important to raise staff awareness on school bus safety, security, and emergency planning. Since drivers are the first and last representatives of school to attend the students, how they manage them makes a difference in the entire day cycle of the school. Therefore, it is important to train them to manage students and deal with security threats.

2. Create action plan for emergencies: The transportation management should prepare a guideline to tackle adventitious situations on the way. This may include safety and emergency planning in natural disasters (weather related), student behaviour management like intervening in fight between students, handle irate parents through communication, respond to early signs of any attack or violence etc. Along with circulating the guidelines for how to act and when to react, it is necessary to train the staff with practical presentation for the same.

3. Use real-time bus monitoring system: Employ an effective use of technology to track the school buses and enable two-way communication between the school and transportation staff. This is to ensure that the concerned authorities in the school have visibility of bus whereabouts, their movement status (speed, ignition on-off, breakdown, unscheduled stoppage), route followed etc. Not only will this keep a track of driver’s behaviour but also help transport administration to act in emergency scenarios.

While taking the first two measures is completely dependent upon how concerned authorities act, having a bus monitoring is something that you need to take care of. To give your transportation system a 360° shield, opt for a comprehensive, real-time tracking solution like Yellow.Live. It’s a mobile app solution that keeps school and parents informed about school bus whereabouts, with other custom info that helps management act in emergency scenarios. 

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