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    Why Geofencing Is Important For School Bus Tracking Systems?

    School transportation requires more attention to details. Security and safety of the young travelers is the highest priority and like any other activity that involves minors, monitoring also takes center-stage. From driving best practices to location, the latest GPS-enabled tech allows a lot of things to be tracked by parents and school authorities. The best

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    Top 4 Benefits Of CCTV Cameras In School Buses

    The safety of children is a paramount issue in our society. Concerned parents and guardians will leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the most secure environments for their wards, and this includes the time they spend on transit to and from school.  School buses ferry a majority of children across India and

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    5 Ways to Reduce Traffic Congestion around Schools

    Ensuring students get the best quality education is one of the prime concerns for a school but it isn’t the only one. Traffic management around the school at pick-up and drop times is another major concern too.  Traffic congestion around the school gates can cause administration issues, trouble with the neighbors and put the student’s

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