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By Archna Oberoi | 12th March 2019 | #Bus tracking

How IoT is Enhancing Traditional School Bus Tracking Systems

Internet of Things (IoT) has a major role in improving the school transportation system. Check out three creatice wys IoT can help to enhance traditional school bus tracking systems.


By Archna Oberoi | 3rd January 2019 | #Bus tracking

4 Technologies that can take School Trasportation Security to Next Level

The education ecosystem is making the most of technology. From e-Learning in classrooms to surveillance cameras within school premises, there is an important role


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By Archna Oberoi | 18th December 2018 | #Bus tracking

Live School Bus Tracking: The Most Followed School Transportation Trend

Keeping 360 degree security in focus, school authorities have been paying attention to safety of students, inside and outside the school premises.


By Archna Oberoi | 22nd August 2018 | #Bus tracking

How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Way School and Parents Communicate?

Digital mediums are bringing change for good in the education system. Along with introducing intuitive ways of learning, digital modes, such as mobile apps are playing an imperative role


By Archna Oberoi | 25th June 2018 | #Bus tracking

Technological Advancements in School Bus Transportation System

Nowadays, school buses are more than just a mode to take the students to and from the school. The idea of ensuring security of students while they are on the way and keeping the parents


By Archna Oberoi | 11th June 2018 | #Bus tracking

How to Monitor and Improve School Transportation System

School authorities spare no effort to ascertain security of students and their transportation system. However, making investment in the fleet system, drivers, training