Features for Schools

Extend the safety of your school to your transport. Manage your school transport from a real-time dashboard and gain a better control on your expenses.

Integration with School Holiday Calendar - No notification to Parents on day of holiday.

Integrate with your school holiday calendar to ensure no notifications are sent to parents on holidays

Monitor Multiple trips by same vehicle - in a single window

Monitor multiple trips that have been made by a single vehicle throughout the day with complete locational records


Vehicle inventory, ignition on-off & breakdown notification.

Get a complete overview of all school vehicles registered into the system with remote ignition on-off functionality and breakdown notifications

Monitor Multiple Branches of school - Available to competent Authority

The admin interface allows you to monitor and manage multiple school branches within the same interface

Single Window view Dashboard for all active trips

Get a single view of all active trips in a comprehensive dashboard for effective management of your peak time transport schedule

Flip or Merge with stand-by or any other vehicle in case of breakdown

Flip or merge vehicles with stand-by or other active vehicles in case of breakdown for efficient tracking and updated notifications to parents

Analytics (downloadable) for Vehicle Movement history with Stoppage, stoppage time, speed violation, unscheduled stoppage, kms travelled for last 30days

Complete downloadable analytics available for vehicle movement, stoppages, speed violations, unscheduled stops, and kilometers travelled in last 30 days

Geo-fencing of vehicle, notification to admin incase vehicle diverts more than 500mtrs from scheduled route

Geo-fencing feature sends the admin automated notifications in case the vehicle diverts more than 500 meters from the scheduled route